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I'm a muffin!

"You are very laid back, calm, and collected. Muffins are sorta spongey, and tend to soak up they're surroundings. You're alert, but you don't make a big deal out of it. Muffins can also be softies, so don't let anyone push you around! But that shouldn't be too much of a problem, since muffins are loved by so many people!"

Righhhhhhhhhhht…. loved by so many people, calm and collected…. <snerk>!  At least they got the "sorta spongey" correct.

I'm also ketchup, apple crisp, and an egg salad sandwich (gross!).  This is the sort of stupid stuff I do when I get bored at work.  If you're bored too, go play on Quizilla.


"Hmmm… Do you have an interest in being a chef??  Perhaps you should look into it. Being a chef doesn't mean just working in the back of some crowded kitchen chopping vegetables all day. You can be so creative!  And chefs are a lot more famous than you think, nowadays especially.  Forget the rumors that cooking requires math – that's a load of crap. Just watch some Food Network, study some cookbooks, and practice!"

Wait… cooking doesn't require math?  Then why did I have to take TWO math-based classes in culinary school? If you don't have a good grasp on your costs and how to control them–you shouldn't be allowed to run a restaurant.  I've seen several examples of how good restaurants were dragged under by shitty cost control.

And to end:

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