Cute Piggy!

One of my coworkers has a talented wife who crochets. This shouldn’t mean much to me, as my maternal grandmother also crocheted and attempted to teach me every time she visited Texas. But there was NO incentive to learn how to crochet since everything I ever saw was butt-ugly. At best it was simply tacky, and at worst it was something that should have been burned and buried in the middle of the night with all the witnesses killed afterwards.

Then came the crochet revolution. I’m not sure when it started, but lately I’m seeing more and more things that have made me regret not learning to crochet. Now I wish I had learned something other than a single chain because I certainly don’t have time to learn how to do it now.

So instead, I’m showing off other people’s cute shit while trying to hide my jealousy (ask me how I feel about my sister-in-law’s gorgeous crocheted blanket while trying to compare it to my lumpy and uneven attempt).

This little piggy (couldn’t resist) was made by Lindsey Bell. She’s also working on a moose hat and some hedgehogs. I loooooove hedgehogs. Her husband was showing off the photos of the pig, so I got permission to share it here as well.

Piggy by Lindsey Bell


I wish I could do that.