Culinary Quote Dump Day: People in kitchens can be dangerous


“It’s amazing the relationships you forge in a kitchen. When you cooperate in an environment that’s hot. Where there’s a lot of knives. You’re trusting your well-being with someone you’ve never before met or known.”

~ Alexandra Guarnaschelli

“my college doesn’t allow us to carry pepper spray for self defense cause they claim its a weapon.

i’m at culinary school.

every single student is carrying several hundred dollars worth of knives around with them and they teach classes on how to break down whole animals easily with said knives.

but no pepper spray.

no that’s way too dangerous”

~ determinationandaspatula (tumblr)

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“This is a world where everyone you work with has plenty of boiling liquids, blunt objects and sharp knives ready at hand. Have a sense of humor – you’ll need it.”

~ Chef Harold (posted on

“Those who are so eager for women and girls to go back to the kitchen might think again about just what it is we might be up to in there. You can plan a lot of damage from a kitchen. It’s also where the knives are kept.”

~ Laurie Penny

“Do not taunt a man for wearing chef pants. He has sharper knives than you, and he knows how to use them.”

~ Author Unknown


2012 Cake Show: Culinary Student Division

Culinary Student

Current culinary school students. Open to all styles.

***As with most of the divisions and categories, I didn’t photograph every entry. (In fact, I only photographed three entries from this group, not that there were as many entries as last year anyway.) These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.***

Special Occasion/Novelty Tiered Cakes: Cakes with two or more tiers. Can be stacked or tiered. Novelty/ special occasion cakes does not include wedding or anniversary cakes. Any sugar mediums or techniques may be used.

Celtic Tree Ladies
1st Place
Title: Celtic Tree Ladies
by Shana Newell

Celtic Tree Ladies - Sword
Wedding Tiered Cakes: Cakes with two or more tiers decorated specifically for weddings or anniversaries. Any techniques or sugar mediums may be used.

Der Spaziergang
1st Place
Title: “Der Spaziergang” (The Stroll)
by Pascal Simon

2nd Place
Title: Peonies
by Hope Williams

CAKE: Culinary Student Division

Now we get to the divisions that are based on experience and training, as opposed to the age of the decorator.  The first is the Culinary Student Division, which is open to all current culinary school students (we have at least five culinary schools in Austin, if not more).  This division is open to all styles: Special Occasion/Novelty 1-Tier, Special Occasion/Novelty Tiered Cakes, Sculpted Cakes (must use real cake, including photos of construction process), Buttercream Only Cakes, Wedding Tiered Cake, Special Techniques Not on a Cake, Confections Not on a Cake (cupcakes, candy, cookies, or chocolate work).

There were a lot of entries, but the photos below are the ones I either liked or found interesting for some reason or another.

This one leaves me confused.


Yes, this is supposed to be a cat in a mask, wrapped in Mardis Gras beads.

I kinda like this one… even if the card says that the style is "Three Weeding Tiered Cake".

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