2011 Cake Show: Adult Beginner Division, part two

Adult Beginner

Basic skills. 2 years or less decorating experience; self-taught or less then 30 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction. Open to all styles.

***As with most of the divisions and categories, I didn’t photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.***

There were so many entries in this division that I had to break this in to two different posts so I could include all the cakes I liked. This is part two.

Special Occasion/Novelty Tiered Cakes: Cakes with two or more tiers. Can be stacked or tiered. Novelty/ special occasion cakes does not include wedding or anniversary cakes. Any sugar mediums or techniques may be used.
Bird vs Pig
Bird vs Pig  - The little angry birds
Bird vs Pig - the BIG angry bird

1st Place
Title: Bird vs. Pig
by Laura Finlay
I would pay lots of money for this cake. Unfortunately, if I got it for one nephew, then all the others would want one too….
Artsy Fartsy Cake

2nd Place
Title: Artsy Fartsy Cake
Art themed cake inspired by Pollock, Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse, and Warhol
by Renee Main
Business Name: Dessert Gallery
Millys Sweet Creations

3rd Place
Title: Milly’s Sweet Creations
by Mildred Almon
Business Name: Milly’s Sweet Creations
Pink Girl's Birthday

(no title)
by Lisa Fitch
Clapping Monkey

Title: Clapping Monkey
by Suzi Carmona
This was a scary little cake. Although that may have something to do with the original clapping monkey doll creeping me out too. I’d have to stab this cake a few times through it’s cold little heart a few times before I could eat it.
Masquerade Birthday Celebration

Title: Masquerade Birthday Celebration!
by Madelline Garza
Cowboy Monkey

Title: Cowboy Monkey
by Angela Gerlich
Business Name: Sugar Sweet Creations

Title: Tangled
by Shweta Gupta
The Amazon Princess

Title: The Amazon Princess
by Dorthy Trainer
This is probably the best of all the Wonder Woman cakes at the show.
Birds of Generosity

Title: Birds of Generosity
by Jenn Griffith
Pink Victorian Birthday

Title: Pink Victorian Birthday
(I didn’t get the name of who made this sweet little cake.)
Delft Dutch Cake

Title: Delft Dutch Cake
by Daphne Powers
My 30th Birthday Cake

Title: My 30th Birthday Cake
by Jennifer Whiteley (writing wasn’t clear, so not sure about the spelling of her last name)

Wedding Tiered Cakes: Cakes with two or more tiers decorated specifically for weddings or anniversaries. Any techniques or sugar mediums may be used.
(No photos of first place for this category.)
Burgundy Yellow Wedding Cake

2nd Place
Title: Burgundy/Yellow Wedding Tiered Cake
by Mildred Almon
Business Name: Milly’s Sweet Creations
Color Luminance

3rd Place
Title: Color Luminance
by M. Cassandra Fairbanks
Business Name: http://cakesbycassandra.weebly.com
And yes, there are LEDs running up the center of the cake.

Buttercream Only Cakes: Any non-tiered cake with any theme decorated using only buttercream icing. No fondant, non-edible decorations or other sugar mediums will be allowed.
How does your Garden Grow

1st Place
Title: “How does your Garden Grow?”
by M. Cassandra Fairbanks
Business Name: http://cakesbycassandra.weebly.com

2nd Place
Title: Peacocks
by Shweta Gupta
This is the first of many peacock cakes in the show.
(No photos of third place for this category.)

Special Techniques Not-On-A-Cake: Entries of fondant, gumpaste, sugar molding, color flow, royal icing, etc. Displayed as an individual technique and NOT as a decoration on a cake. A combination of techniques and mediums may be used, but it must be presented alone and not as part of a cake.
I only got a photo of the second place winner for this category… plus one entry that didn’t place–but that I liked anyway.
Baby Dresses and Aprons

2nd Place
Title: Baby Dresses and Aprons
by Shweta Gupta
The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Title: The Perfect Bridal Bouquet
by Jennifer Whiteley

Confections Not-On-A-Cake: Cupcakes, cookies, candy, chocolate, etc. An individual entry, not on a cake.

Cat and the Fiddle

1st Place
Title: Cat and the Fiddle
by Deborah Reaves
Cheries Spring Shoe Line

2nd Place
Title: Cherie’s Spring Shoe Line
by Heather Fox
No third place photos.

And that’s it for the Adult Beginner’s Division.