New Dungeons and Dragons style cake

Another friend, this time from my husband's gaming group, asked for a D&D style cake as a gift for one of his buddies.  I thought this would be easy as I had worked out most of the problems during the last cake, but he surprised me with a request for a cake based on the Dungeon Master's Guide, instead of the Player's Handbook.  Why was that a problem?  Take a look at the original Player's Handbook next to the similar, but not exact, cake (done to avoid copyright issues) that I made previously:

Not bad work.  Best of all it was drawn up and the templates were already made.  But now I had to come up with something that resembled this instead:

I was kinda worried because the Dungeon Master's Guide is blue.  How authentic is a blue leather-bound book?  So I'm trying to make a cake that looks like a cheesy, yet gaudy, book that looks like it's trying too hard to look like a real, over-the-top, metal and gem encrusted book…with an obnoxious shade of blue leather.  You can probably tell that I wasn't thrilled, or even confident that I was able to turn this book into a half-decent cake.

Thank goodness that I was able to surprise myself.

Looking at it, I can see three things about the cake that still annoys the hell out of me and that I will fix the next time around… if there is a next time around.  With my luck the next request will be for the Monster Manual, and don't think I won't charge twice as much for that one.

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