A possible new gaming trend?

I’m not sure how this ended up being the first thing I’d read this morning… but I have a feeling it’s gonna have a lot to say about how the rest of my day goes.

Craigslist: Looking for a woman with DM experience (preferably 3rd or 3.5 editions) to run a game. Topless.

I don’t think our current DM would mind doing this for us; however, I doubt that it would be entertaining for any of us. Maybe if we could get Ewen MacGregor or Vin Diesel to run a game as a guest DM. Hell, I’d love to have Stephen Colbert run a game for an evening, but I’d expect him to at least wear his breastplate of Truthiness.

I do want to point out, that as the only female in our gaming group, my view of proper attire for guest DMs may not be universally accepted by everyone else.


(via boing boing)

New Dungeons and Dragons style cake

Another friend, this time from my husband's gaming group, asked for a D&D style cake as a gift for one of his buddies.  I thought this would be easy as I had worked out most of the problems during the last cake, but he surprised me with a request for a cake based on the Dungeon Master's Guide, instead of the Player's Handbook.  Why was that a problem?  Take a look at the original Player's Handbook next to the similar, but not exact, cake (done to avoid copyright issues) that I made previously:

Not bad work.  Best of all it was drawn up and the templates were already made.  But now I had to come up with something that resembled this instead:

I was kinda worried because the Dungeon Master's Guide is blue.  How authentic is a blue leather-bound book?  So I'm trying to make a cake that looks like a cheesy, yet gaudy, book that looks like it's trying too hard to look like a real, over-the-top, metal and gem encrusted book…with an obnoxious shade of blue leather.  You can probably tell that I wasn't thrilled, or even confident that I was able to turn this book into a half-decent cake.

Thank goodness that I was able to surprise myself.

Looking at it, I can see three things about the cake that still annoys the hell out of me and that I will fix the next time around… if there is a next time around.  With my luck the next request will be for the Monster Manual, and don't think I won't charge twice as much for that one.

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