Spaced Out Embroidery Patterns

A friend picked up a set of Spaced Out embroidery patterns for me by Sublime Stitching while she was taking classes at the Stitch Lab.  I’m so excited!  I haven’t tried embroidering since I got my new glasses, so it should be a little easier now (I’d really like to finish my Invader Zim pillow).

I already have plans for some of the designs, and it they go well, I’m going to pick up this, this, this, and that.

And Sublime Stitching sells glow-in-the-dark thread too!  How freaking awesome is that?

Lazy Link Friday

Cute steampunk cookies

Gorgeous, but not sure I could eat it…

Headline: “Over consumption of two-minute noodles but students at risk of chronic illness”.  Actual article: Most students and low income groups don’t have access to healthy food.

The Futurama of Physics with David X. Cohen

Non-edible cake, with teeth

As a kid, fine dining for us was dinner at Red Lobster.  I think I’m jealous.

Embroidery and circuits