Cakes for my Favorite Couple – Part One

Two friends from work have been the best customer's I could ever have.  They give me a theme or an idea and then let me work.  The most recent case was a perfect example of how much they trust me:  It was a baby shower cake… with a baby chthulu on it, but I'll get to that one eventually.

The first cake that they gave me free reign on was for their friend Isaac.  I blogged about that one after the party, so you can see the cake and story here.

Several months later they announced they were getting married and asked me to make the cakes for their wedding.  The bride really didn't care what the wedding cake looked like, but she did have something special in mind for the groom's cake.  In the episode "Dog with Two Bones" from season 3 of Farscape, she had seen a wedding cake in the shape of the leviathan Moya, and she wanted something similar.

This was going to be my second wedding cake.  The first one, a week earlier, had collapsed less than a mile away from the wedding after driving over half an hour through the tiny back roads of Texas's hill country, and these new cakes needed to be stable enough to make it through a long car ride and then a trip on a small boat to get to the larger boat where the wedding was going to be hosted.  After the first disaster, I was panicking.

This is the chocolate stout cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  It doesn't look very Moyaish yet, but it will get there soon.

This was the first time I made my own fondant. Marshmallow fondant sounds kinda cheap-ass and tacky, but it tastes much better than the generic pre-made stuff.

I purchased an airbrush and compressor set specifically for this cake.  It made decorating this cake so much easier than it would have been, and I've used it quite a bit since.

Moya made it to the wedding safely and was a hit.  The wedding cake was fine too, but while it tasted great, it was a fairly forgettable design. 

The next cake would be an homage to one of the great movies of the 80's.

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