CAKE: Adult Intermediate Division (Wedding Cakes, Special Techniques Not on a Cake, and Confections)

The Adult Intermediate Division is for decorators with developing skills, two to four years cake decorating experience, 30 to 60 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction. 

This post covers only some of the wedding cakes, special techniques, and confections entered in this division (these are the ones I either liked or found interesting for other reasons).

The petals on the roses of this cake were paper thin and the color is marvelous.  Too bad the leaves look like thick, cheap rubber. Other than that, this was a nice cake.

While this looks like a lopsided cake (another one calling itself "whimsical", which makes me cringe), it's actually considered a Special Technique not on Cake.  If you look closely, you can see that it's a gingerbread house.  A lopsided gingerbread house that is threatening to whimsically fall over and crush its competition.

Another Special Technique not on Cake, but I won't be making fun of this one.  Not only is it very well done, but the tiny little doves on the bird bath make me smile.  This one got an award.

Another Special Technique that won an award.

Molded chocolate that was hand painted.  It was amazing and one of my favorites.  I don't remember if it won second or third.

Seriously cute.

Is it still a cupcake if it's not in a wrapper?

Yes, these are cookies, and they won first place for Confections in this division.

The mendhi cookies were the other confection that won either second or third place.

And I'm adding this one, because I forgot to include it in the earlier post with the correct category:

Yep, rubber chickens trying to get a suntan at the beach.

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CAKE: Junior Division

Junior Division is ages 7 to 12 years old.  Juniors may have an adult assist with baking the cake, but each junior must ice and decorate their own entry.  There were a lot of entries, but the photos below are the ones I either liked or found interesting for some reason or another.

"But then the monkeys jumped back out of the monkey barrel.
12 crazy monkeys ran right out of the monkey barrel.
11 monkeys ran back into the tree.
One monkey stayed behind and now that monkey rides a bike around with me… his name is Larry."

It's difficult to tell from the angle, but the panda heads are made out of mini-cupcakes resting on their side.  Rather clever little cupcakes.

Several of the junior cake entries were better than anything the teen division had on display. This birthday cake is, in fact, better than some of the culinary student and beginner entries.


Yes, this is a cake in the junior division.  At first glance, my reaction was wow; but a second, closer look shows that this was all molded fondant, which is very easy to use.  The main reason I included this cake is because this decorator has an amazing eye for clean and elegant design. 

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Recent Cakes

This is a full sheet cake made for someone's 50th birthday.  Originally, she wanted a large cake cut in the shape of the number 50; then she just wanted the number 50 to take up the entire cake.  After working out the design, she called again and added all the text to the cake.  The colors of the roses and borders were also at her request.  I decided to add silver leaves to tie in the silver numbers.  The only thing that I really don't like is my handwriting…. it kinda looks as though a teenager is writing in her diary. That's one of the many things I need to work on.

Evan is the son of our friends, so I make his cake every year… although it's also partly because he's severely allergic to nuts and I'm willing to de-nut my kitchen for them.  This year Kathleen wanted to incorporate some Hotwheels that she bought for Evan and I just worked around that theme.  You can see with the cars in the second photo.

This is my first attempt at a tiered cake.  My family celebrates my sister-in-law's birthday, my dad's birthday, and Mother's Day all on the same day–so I thought this would be a great time to experiment.  Looking at it, I see a lot of flaws: The lines for the branches are too thick and not sharp enough, the flowers are not tinted naturally, and the top tier was wobbly.  But it was fun to do even if the flowers took two hours to make.  It's a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting, fudge frosting, and flowers made of fondant.  It didn't do too well on the drive to my parent's house, and my brother sticking his finger in the side where some of the icing started to slide down due to the heat didn't help any… in fact, it led to a wrestling match in the kitchen before my Mom kicked us both out.  It was a fun evening.

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