A Halloween Fox

One of my coworkers, Shane, has a violent hatred of the song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) by Ylvis.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please visit this link and join the rest of the people who either hate it or love it. And if you you’re wondering what the hell they were thinking when they wrote it, you should take a look at some of their other songs***.)

My coworker dislikes the song so much, that if one of us turns it on while in the lab–usually just to annoy him–he’ll leave the room.

So when I found a large Halloween card with a fox on it last month, I HAD to buy it.



The inside was fairly blah…



After a little time spent playing around with background colors and font…

(and a trip to Kinkos to print it out since we haven’t replaced our dead printer yet).

…this is what Shane received for Halloween…

Yes, I went there...
Yes, I went there…


It’s a good thing he has a sense of humor.


***The song Work It is another one of my favorites, but it’s definitely not safe for kids.


Happy Halloween!

We’re visiting friends who recently moved from Orlando to Dallas, so we don’t have much Halloween stuff going on this weekend.

Pumpkin shit pies

I don’t know who made the display above – but it’s my favorite.  We didn’t have our annual pumpkin decorating contest at work this year, so I didn’t have a chance to borrow this idea.

Because everyone needs a superhero
We’re not dressing up, so I’m sharing a photo my sister-in-law took of her youngest. I have photos of all three boys on my Flickr site if anyone is curious.

Happy Halloween.  Now on to Thanksgiving!

Halloween 2010 Cupcakes

Here are the naked cupcakes:

Soon to be Halloween cupcakes

…and here are the finished cupcake designs for this year:

Halloween Cupcakes 2010

This is the last year of the eyeball. I lost the tip I used last year and my local supplier was out, so the eyelids are wonky. Besides, the gummy eyes are really disgusting to eat. Who came up with the idea for an unidentifiable fruit flavor for eyeballs anyway?

The flavors for 2010 are carrot cake (skulls), chocolate cake (wolfmen), yellow cake with wine (eyes), and marbled cake (mummy).

So far behind and so, so tired

My project at work has finally ended after five long months, and we had a stressful, yet successful release last week.  Now I’m trying to get back into the the technical support groove again and it’s actually harder than I thought it would be.  We’ve had so many changes, not only in our products, but also in our support procedures and I’m still trying to catch up with all of it.  The good news is that the Powers that Be were kind enough to thank me with a bonus, and my annual review went pretty well too (the raise wasn’t awesome, but it was still better than last year).

Hockey season has started and we’ve already attended two pre-season games over the past weekend.  I DO have photos, but I’ve been so wiped out that I haven’t finished sorting through them all yet. I promise to post them soon.  There was also a meet-and-greet with the players for all the season ticket holders earlier this week and we got to attend, or in my case, I got to pretend I wasn’t a fan girl when talking to Maxime Fortunus (I have a photo of him from Sunday’s game as the lock screen on my phone). While I feel bad that Dallas sent him down to the Texas Stars after training camp–I’m thrilled for myself and my team.

I also have two projects planned for Halloween this month.  One is how to make Jack-o-Lantern cookies that are fun and easy for kids to decorate (and I will include photos and recipes once I borrow some kids), and the other is a review of 8 different flavors/types of candy corn.  I can safely assume that I’m not the only candy corn freak out there since I was able to locate a wide variety of flavors this year.  Hopefully I won’t procrastinate too much longer because one of the bags is already half empty.

There will also be pictures of my annual Halloween cupcakes for work (last year’s cupcakes below).

Mummy Cupcakes Looking at you Wolfmen Cupcakes

I have a skull cupcake I’m testing for the fourth design this year, and there will be a few changes to the mummies, eyes, and wolfman cupcakes as well.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll do a fifth design or not, but I will have to increase the total number because I added a whole ‘nother department to my list, thanks to the unnamed project.

Finally, we’re going to put costumes on our cats and take pictures because we don’t have kids to torture.


Halloween was busy for not going out and doing anything.  I spent the week making cupcakes for the hubby-love and I to take in to work, as well as a cupcake cake for a friend (to be posted later).  I also dressed up for work so I could compete in the company costume contest.

The wolfmen are chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting, and the mummies are marble cupcakes with regular cream cheese frosting. The orange cupcakes were boring, so they didn't make it into the photo.

I did the zombie thing again this year, but this time I won a prize for the scariest costume.  I ended up with a nice stoneware set that I'm looking forward to using during the holidays. I also managed to convince my husband to purchase one of those silly hats for the cats and we spent an afternoon tormenting them.  We had so much fun that we went out and bought two more hats for next year.

You can tell Molly isn't very happy with us.  We tortured Nemo and Kuro as well, but left Miette alone because she's all muscle.  That, and she took off the moment we pulled out the hat.

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