2011 Cake Show: Children Division

Children (6 years and under): One category – not divided by style. Children may have an adult assist with baking the cake. Each child must ice and decorate their own entry.

I truly enjoy seeing cakes decorated by kids. No one expects perfection and there’s no judging, so it’s mostly for fun.

As in most of the divisions and categories, I did not photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.
Pretty in Pink

Title: Pretty in Pink
by Kya Jones
Princess Cake

Title: Princess Cake
by Gabriella Vergara

Snowman Cake

Title: Snowman Cake
by Athen Lopez
Pink Flower

Title: Pink Flower
by Jessie Gall (age 5)

(I love the rest of the entry form.)

Techniques used: her very own
Mediums used: buttercream (and more if she has some) and sugars
Iron Man

Title: Tony Stark – Iron Man
by Corin
Techniques used: sprinkle blasting power and fondant fury
Flower Works

Title: Flower Works
by Zainab Kazim

Title: Rabbits
by Rabia (age 6)

Iron Man Cupcakes

Our birthday boy’s real birthday is early next month, but we celebrated today instead since two of our Sunday brunch families (including us) won’t be there for it. Last year, he wanted Thomas the Train, now it’s Iron Man. It’s so cool that he’s getting to the age where we both have the same interests… not sure what that says about me; however it does means his parents are doing a great job of raising another geeklet.

Iron Man Cupcakes

I think I’m beginning to prefer decorating cupcakes over decorating cakes, probably because it’s the closest I can get to making plated desserts these days (yes, I’d be happier in a restaurant than in a bakery, but fewer and fewer restaurants have their own pastry chef anymore).

Iron Man Cupcakes - detail

The helmets and power cells are fondant and everything else is buttercream over chocolate cupcakes.

The Birthday Boy

He was happy, so it was another success!

Movie Review: Iron Man

I'm not going to bother reviewing this movie for you. You need to see it for yourself.  Now.  Seriously, get in the car and go to the closest movie theater and get yourself a ticket… popcorn is not necessary.

Remember my calling Speed Racer a "light confection"?  Iron Man is a full course meal with a well-marbled cut of prime rib.  Yes, I just called Robert Downey Jr. a great piece of meat and I stand by that comment.  


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