Link dump time again

I was out sick for the past week.  I was also way to groggy to post, but I did mark all the crap I found interesting while I was out (sleeping 17+ hours a day makes you desperate for something different to do that doesn’t involve moving or thinking–and the internet was perfect for the job).  So here’s the non-video stuff. (I’d put up the video links later this weekend.)

How to make deep fried butter from a new website I found.  The recipe sounds better than the title does.

“She needs energyless, artificially sweetened foods and beverages like a turtle needs a seat belt.  Sugar swings.  Serve some.” (A sugar industry ad from 1966)

“…there are still people in their eighties who remember austerity scrimping and saving, and many others who, like me, have lived in the shadows of such memories, and with the mentality of making do.” Here comes austerity chic.

Bear, don’t eat that! (a cat link for my husband)

An article about a 26 page recipe for brownies (click here to download the actual recipe).

The Food Timeline is a massive repository of food history, recipes, and information. A small example covers 20th century American foods. I’ll be wasting a lot of time here.

An open letter to the assholes who dumped two young dogs.

I would arm-wrestle my husband to hang this in my home.

Space kitty cake goes “pew pew”!  I’m not really sure how to describe it, other than adorable in a truly odd way.

Lazy Link Friday

Cute steampunk cookies

Gorgeous, but not sure I could eat it…

Headline: “Over consumption of two-minute noodles but students at risk of chronic illness”.  Actual article: Most students and low income groups don’t have access to healthy food.

The Futurama of Physics with David X. Cohen

Non-edible cake, with teeth

As a kid, fine dining for us was dinner at Red Lobster.  I think I’m jealous.

Embroidery and circuits