Speaking of Names

My brother and his family purchased some baby chicks around Easter.  One of the kids left the garage door open and an animal got in and killed all but one of the chicks.  This chick's name was "Pecker".  Because she survived the attack, the kids decided to rename the poor chick "Lucky Pecker."  I'm not sure how my sister-in-law managed to miss the hilarity of the name, but she didn't catch on until she heard someone snickering about it at church when she was talking about the chickens. 

At least all the new chicks have normal names.

My husband and I will sometimes take turns saying "Lucky Pecker" just to get the other person to laugh.

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Kitty’s Got a Name!

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to Melia who came up with Kuroneko.  We're calling her Kuro most of the time, but I feel certain that we'll soon have reason to yell her full name as she skitters through the house after doing something she shouldn't.  Why did we like the name so much?  Kuroneko is Japanese for black cat.

The prize is a soft puppy doll for the kids and 1000 Wii Points for the adults.

And Kuro has a thing for toes.  Everyone's toes.

Update 5/17/08: Target doesn't have cards for 1000 Wii Points, so we're getting Melia a card for 2000 Wii Points instead.

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More names for the Contest

  1. Madison: Eve
  2. Ryanne: Ryanne ("Just like my name") and Neko (Japanese for cat)
  3. Julia: Elmo (which is her favorite character at the moment)
  4. Lucas: Luke Skywalker
  5. Arianna: Sara (she names everything Sara right now)
  6. Steve: Boo (after the girl in "Monster, Inc." because all the other cats run from her as she chases them)
  7. Mark: Scratch Fury (when reminded that our cat is a girl, he said that it still fits because everyone knows that pissed-off females are the scariest things on earth.  If anyone is confused about who Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds is, you can check him out here.)

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