Jeremy in the News

I know it’s a little late, but since I don’t use my Facebook account much, I was the last to hear about Jeremy’s big moment on the news with the release of the new iPhone.  If you want to see, he’s briefly interviewed 56 seconds in to the newscast.  If you don’t know who he is – he’s a good friend of ours (we all have season tickets together for hockey, and he’s my current DM).

As for the new iPhone, we just adjusted our monthly plan to allow unlimited SMS and cut back our data plan (we barely used it anyway since we have wi-fi access most places), but we’re not upgrading to a new phone yet.  My 3G still works fine and I’m not a big fan of the first release of any big new product, regardless of the manufacturer (thank you Microsoft, for teaching me that lesson).  Besides, I’m saving up for the next version of the iPad.