Why I no longer enjoy the holiday season

It started with the announcement that everyone would have to work Christmas day (my department got out of that one at the last minute). And then it spiraled into everyone will be required to work the day after Christmas, even if Sunday is your day off (and those are the LUCKY people who only have put in three hours. If you’re normally scheduled to work that day–you get to work your normal shift as well as three additional hours). Afterwards, there is a set amount of overtime that must be worked for each of the following two weeks.

With having to get Christmas cards mailed, cookies baked and delivered, and gifts purchased, wrapped, and delivered, and then follow it up with two weeks of mandatory overtime – who has time to enjoy the holidays?

Now before you you begin to feel too sorry for me, there is also a positive side to this, and it’s the main reason why I put up with this same shit year after year.

Our company provides decent incentives for all extra work we put in over the next two weeks. The free food’s not bad. The raffles for all kinds of cool and expensive toys is pretty cool (I won an iPod Touch a few years ago). But what really seals the deal is the money. With all the different types of pay that come into play during this time period, I usually make enough to make the stress, screaming customers, and loss of sleep and relationship time worth the effort. However, it is difficult to make it through the full two weeks without cutting back to the bare minimum of overtime by the end. I just keep reminding myself that we can start the year ahead if I can make it all the way through while grabbing as many hours as they’ll let me have.

It all ends on January 8th. I’ve taken a vacation day for that Saturday, and my husband and family are coming together to celebrate a belated Christmas (I only wish my sister and her kids could be there as well). So instead of looking forward to a December overflowing with screeching over-entitled assholes – I look forward to the end of overtime and the beginning of a new year.

That’s why there may not be much from me over the next few weeks. Unless I really, really feel the need to make fun of someone.

Which is quite possible – this is when support calls get interesting.