Baby Shower Cake

Now that I’m receiving more request for fondant cakes, I’m learning how to make my own fondant.  Right now I’m still at the marshmallow fondant level, which is much better than store bought, but not great.  Some friends from work who’ve commissioned some of my best cakes wanted a gender neutral baby shower cake for a very traditional couple.  That meant no spaceships, cthulhu, or movie and music tribute cakes like I normally design for them.

The theme was baby farm animals and the color was a  light brown with the baby boy and girl colors (the photos didn’t come out quite right this time for some reason.  It’s as if the more expensive the camera is, the crappier my photos turn out).

Baby Shower Cake 02

Baby Shower Sheep Cake - tail

More sheep, crappy lighting

The sheep was the cutest thing I could think of that I’d want on a cake, so I went with that.  It wasn’t until about a week later that I found out the couple the shower was for also work at my company and that I’d met them before.  That’s always fun.