Spaced Out Embroidery Patterns

A friend picked up a set of Spaced Out embroidery patterns for me by Sublime Stitching while she was taking classes at the Stitch Lab.  I’m so excited!  I haven’t tried embroidering since I got my new glasses, so it should be a little easier now (I’d really like to finish my Invader Zim pillow).

I already have plans for some of the designs, and it they go well, I’m going to pick up this, this, this, and that.

And Sublime Stitching sells glow-in-the-dark thread too!  How freaking awesome is that?

Space Cookies!

A friend of ours owns a data recovery company. This is a good thing because MacDaddy accidently lost some info and needed an emergency fix one Sunday evening.  Our friend was kind enough to open up his office, on his first weekend off in quite a while, to help us out.  So as an additional thank you, I made him a batch of space themed cookies.

Both the sun and moon cookie cutters were spur of the moment purchases, but the rocketship was something I HAD to have the moment I saw it.  They need to make more geeky cookie cutters… a D&D theme would be kinda cool.  I know our friend would like it, and we'll probably need his services again in the future.



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