2010 Cake Show: Adult Intermediate, part three

Adult Intermediate Division: Developing skills. 2 to 4 years cake decorating experience; 30 to 60 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction. Open to all styles.

  • Confections Not-On-A-Cake
    These are cupcakes, cookies, candy, chocolate, etc. An individual entry, not on a cake.

    With the exception of one entry, the Confections category was filled with cookies – even the egg entries were cookies. Since this is the first time I had ever entered a decorated item to That Takes the Cake (last year was the tasting competion), I’m going to post ALL the entries for this style. Sadly, I didn’t get the names of all the participants and pieces.

    High School Science Project
    High School Science Project (fondant on cookies)

    Oval Eggsellence
    Oval Eggsellence by Tracy Dahir
    (yes, it’s a cookie covered in fondant, and her husband made the nifty display for this and her other two entries)

    Cake Shop
    Cake Shop (another cool display – fondant on cookies)

    Swans (fondant on cookies)

    Snowflakes by Tracy Dahir (fondant on cookies)

    More butterflies (colorflow on cookies)

    Candy sushi

    Rocket Girl
    Third Place for Confections Not-On-A-Cake
    Rocket Girl by snarkygurl… that’s me! (colorflow on cookies)

    Oval Eggsellence - The Sequel
    Second Place for Confections Not-On-A-Cake
    Oval Eggsellence – The Sequel by by Tracy Dahir (fondant on cookie)

    Spring Day
    First Place for Confections Not-On-A-Cake
    Spring Day by Christie Stephens (awesomeness on cookies) (it’s really colorflow on cookies, but it’s awesome colorflow…)