CAKE: Masters Division – Part Two

I apologize for the delay.  I was having trouble uploading photos and then lost momentum. Almost two months later and I'm ready to start up again because I have a backlog of stuff to talk about.  It's one of those guilt things… I wanna blog, but don't because I haven't finished the last project, so I put it off, and then I have more stuff, and then more guilt, and on and on….

Anyway, back to the cake competition.

The Masters Division is for decorators who are experts in sugar art. They are known to have mastered specific mediums and techniques. The may be an author, instructor, or work in the sugar art business, and have more than 120 hours of instruction. This division was open to all styles.

There were a lot of entries, but the photos below are the ones I found interesting for one reason or another.

This is a Sad Little Yellow Cake with Flowers.  I didn't think it was particularly sad, but that was the entry title.  It was one of the smaller cakes in this division, but I quite liked it.  Dainty, precise, and just a little sad are things that I can't quite get with my cakes.  My cakes are more like galumphing, over-sized dogs that jump exuberantly over your pristine white furniture, tracking hair and mud all over the place.

Sad little daisies.  And this wasn't the only cake with daisies.  The next daisied-cake took first place for tiered wedding cakes in this division.

Now this cake was fantastic.  You may not think so from this photo, but when you take a closer look you can see how amazing the drop strings really are.

And here as well.

Next up are the some of the fun cakes, and one truly amazing horse cake.

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CAKE: Professional Division – Part Two

The Professional Division is for decorators with a high level of skills, more than six years cake decorating experience, and more than 90 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction.

There were a lot of entries, but the photos below are the ones I found interesting.

The flowers on this cake are very nice, and I'm a sucker for gum paste flowers.  Probably because I'm not very good at them myself.

I really need to find a class that doesn't take place in the middle of my work shift.

More flowers!

This one has flowers AND string work.  I'm impressed by string work even more than flowers, and it's even more challenging to do, as you'll see in the Masters division. Sadly, by Sunday many of the strings had broken off of this one, which may have had something to do with it being place on the end of the display tables. 

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