Not sure if I should be flattered or disturbed.

Yesterday while rummaging around in my Flickr account, I discovered that you can see which of your photos are the most popular, number of views, and which ones are listed as favorites.  My number one viewed photo, at 608 views, was the one of me in my too-small t-shirt with the fat bulges.  Maybe it was that there were a lot of people searching for "foster's home for imaginary friends" or "cheese", but it's still a kinda weird.  So as a little experiment, I'm posting one more photo of me in a too-tight shirt.  We'll see if there really are people out there who like photos of fat chicks or if it was simply a fluke.

As for the shirt, did you know that the fourth wedding anniversary is celebrated with appliances/linen/silk? (Much of that depends on which list you use, and if it's the traditional list or modern list.)  MacDaddy decided that meant we should celebrate our fourth anniversary by going out and getting t-shirts at Mondo Tee's.  He went with Players Club International shirt (not a surprise as he'd been doing an imitation of Telly Savalas' commercial for PCI for the past month or so).  I, on the other hand, went with tacky vintage porn for my shirt.  And somehow I managed to accidently grab the wrong size… 'specially after all the shit I gave him over the Cheese shirt.  So I'll either lose the weight or go back and buy the shirt again (as if there's a question about which one I'll actually do).

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Clothing Size Disconnect

My husband bought me the cutest t-shirt last month.  It's Cheese, from the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends cartoon. 

Cute, isn't it?  Too bad that's not what it looks like on me.  MacDaddy didn't realize that although I normally wear an XL in t-shirt sizes–baby doll t-shirt sizes are different.  An XL in a baby doll is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too small for me.  I mean you can see every little ripple and bulge.  Take a look, I dare you:

As much as I love my new shirt, I don't think I'll be wearing it outside the house until I lose another 20 or 30 pounds.  Thank goodness the t-shirt he got me for Valentine's Day fits just fine.

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