Space by Spacewest 2010 Pan-Galactic Alien Film Festival

I apologize for the delay, things kept getting in the way but I really didn’t want to add anymore new posts until I finished my tribute to Kimberly’s award-winning cake.  So here it is in all its glory.

Space by Spacewest CH00

As I stated previously, there’s so much to Kimberly’s cake that I’m going to have to break it down by layers and visit all the geeky little details. We’re starting at the bottom and working our way us, we we’ll start with the table decorations… also known as the parking lot.

Space by Spacewest ch01

See the brickwork behind the shrink-ray valet? Kimberly made over 1500 of the little buggers for the bottom layer.

Space by Spacewest CH02

Here are some of the shrunken ships in the parking lot. (And here is where I display my crappy photography skills. I don’t know what I did wrong, but this year’s photos aren’t as good as last year’s, even though I have a better camera. I’ll have to get my sister-in-law to give me a few quick lessons.)

Space by Spacewest CH04

My first photo of this was taken at a different angle and when I reviewed it later that day, it looked like the little green guy was pissing on the wall. I don’t think that was quite the effect she was going for, so I made sure to get a shot where you could see the spray paint can.

Now to the Lobby Tier:

Space by Spacewest CH03

Space by Spacewest CH05

First is Leeloo with her multipass.

Space by Spacewest CH06

The little green toothy dudes from GalaxyQuest

Space by Spacewest CH07

The Doctor’s TARDIS

Space by Spacewest CH08

Mars Attacks! and Planet of the Apes, along with some more movie posters

Space by Spacewest CH09

The Predator is giving the Alien (with the pink bow that you can’t see) flowers…. is this an homage to Alien and Predator, or to Robot Chicken?

Space by Spacewest CH10

Check out the slime. It’s those little details that I love.

Now it’s time to visit the Concession Stand Tier:

Space by Spacewest CH11

Another poor quality photo. Someone else did it better here.

Space by Spacewest CH13

This entrance to Miliways had me squeeing with joy. That shows you how much of a geek I am.

Space by Spacewest CH14

The chick from the mini-series V (I’m trying to forget the full television series).

Space by Spacewest CH12

I love the single shoe next to Audrey 2’s pot.

Space by Spacewest CH15

The concession stand with Popcorn, Reese’s Pieces, Spice, and a Slurm vending machine.

Space by Spacewest CH16

I’d love one for my cube at work.

The third tier is the movie auditorium, showing Plan 9 from Outer Space, and once again, it’s a crappy photo.

Space by Spacewest CH18

At this point, I’m going to stop trying to add a comment for every photo and just post.

Space by Spacewest CH19

Space by Spacewest CH20

Space by Spacewest CH21

Space by Spacewest CH22

Space by Spacewest CH23

Space by Spacewest CH24

The alien egg was hidden at the back of the cake – I didn’t even notice it the first day of the show.

Space by Spacewest CH25

This was probably my second favorite part of the cake: Futurama AND Buckaroo Banzai jokes in one shot. (The “Han shot first” graffito was my favorite.)

Space by Spacewest CH26

The entire fourth tier, and hopefully final crap quality photo.

Space by Spacewest CH00-2

One last shot of the entire cake.

It only took a month and a half to put Kimberly’s cake up on my site… but it was worth it.