…which sounds much better than “too tired and depressed to write a cohesive or even coherent post”.

My writing has stalled. I put off a lot of what I wanted to say because I have a huge backlog of cake competition photos to sort through, organize, and post. I wanted to wait until I was completely caught up on that before talking about anything else, but then life, hockey, cat-sitting, and my soul-sucking job keep getting in the way.

And if it wasn’t one of those things, there’s cleaning up cat pee or foaming prozac-flavored cat drool. Seriously, if you let the prozac dissolve in your cat’s mouth instead of getting it straight down their throats–they will sit there, foaming at the mouth, while staring at you until you start to feel guilty about drugging them because you’re tired of all the territorial pissing in the hallway. Nemo has the whole “I’m suffering because of youuuuuuuuuuuu……” look down while the ONE time we dosed-up Molly–she went bat-shit insane and tried to rip us both apart.

So cake show photos will have to wait until whenever I get around to them.

Hockey won’t be in the way much longer as the Texas Stars decided to SUCK this year and didn’t make the playoffs. In fact, we came in dead last in our division. I’m not saying that I no longer love my players. In fact, we just renewed our season tickets for the next season. What I AM saying is that while I don’t know if it’s the players, the coach, or a combination of the two– they’d better suck a little less next year.

That’s all I’m asking for… just a little less suckage.

Work is mind-numbing. I’d go on about that, but I’m done thinking about it for the day.

What really triggered this rambling mess was hearing from one of my classmates from culinary school today. He’s moved back to Austin and is planning on going back to get his Patisserie and Baking certification. I’m so freaking jealous. We both took the culinary side of things because neither of us quite realized what we really wanted to do when we started (I had an feeling that baking was the way I wanted to go, but the baking-only program didn’t include the courses needed for the associates degree or the cost control classes that can make or break a successful business).

Since graduation, we’ve both done everything we could to figure out things on our own. The difference between the two of us is that he’s still cooking and baking for a living, and I’m dilly-dallying. To be blunt about it – I feel like a complete failure.

I know that it’s stupid to feel that way, but right now I can’t think about anything else.

…and I just noticed that the cat I’ve been cuddling with while typing this has a large wet dingle-berry hanging off his scraggily drugged-up ass. This is gonna be fun.

Last hockey game of the regular season

Ok, so I’m actually a week behind schedule with the hockey photos and over a month behind on everything else.  There’s a reason that I’m behind on everything… it’s medical, it involves my remaining lady bits, and leaves me constantly tired and cranky.  Hell, I’ve been thinking about changing my name from snarkygurl to snarlygurl because the constant pain is making me want to reach through my computer at work and strangle my fellow coworkers on a daily basis.  Either they’re becoming more stupid and annoying, or I’m becoming a bigger bitch.  We’ll see what happens at the end of the month after my surgery.

Now back to the hockey game.  If you want the details of our ass whipping, you can read the details at Hundred Degree Hockey.

Out of the 453 photos I took, there were around 84 usable shots. Of those, only about eight were interesting. That’s a pretty decent ratio for me. I’ve included four here.
Lost puck, lost footing
This was taken early in the game. Near the end of the game, I got almost the exact some photo but with different players in each of the positions.
Helmer holding Backman
Sean Backman was held by Bryan Helmer, but that didn’t stop him. In fact, I can’t think of much that stopped Backman that night. Too bad he didn’t get any goals.
Sean Backman
More Backman.
Grinning Spang
I love Dan Spang’s grin in this one.

Oh, and we lost our first game against the Milwaukee Admirals this evening. Suck!

I feel like my life is all hockey and concerts

My last few weeks have been pretty busy and I’m still catching up from it.  So lets do this by date.
Tuesday 3/22/11 was hockey!

I took the night off from the camera so I could concentrate more on the game. The Houston Aeros are our big rivals this year and we not only beat them, we shut them down for a 3-0 victory. Even though I’m trying to ween myself off of the camera during the game… I really missed being able to see the game a second time while sorting through all the photos the next day.

Wednesday 3/23/11 was more hockey!

Our hockey buddy also works a few evenings a week as an on-ice official for our local hockey league.
Interestingly enough, the game I decided to attend to get photos of him working as a linesman was also the same game that my boss was playing in (he’s in the background of the next photo and going after the puck in the one after that).
New LinesmanBoss Hockey

Thursday 3/24/11 was our weekly Skate Night.
Steve's Skates
While I don’t skate, Steve loves it and even purchased his own pair of hockey skates. I tried it several times, but while physical therapy may keep my bilateral vestibular hypofunction in check, but it’s not enough to allow me to balance on two thin blades of metal without spending most of that time clinging to the rails or on my butt. So I sit and take advantage of the rink’s free wifi connection instead.

Friday 3/25/11 was Bernadette Peters in concert at the Paramount Theater.

No photos of that because I’m not completely camera-rude. She’s still incredible. Steve covered that show quite well on his site, so I won’t bother repeating it.

Saturday 3/26/11 was more hockey!

It was the Texas Stars vs the Grand Rapids Griffins, and we kicked some serious ass.  I even told Steve that we’d score our first goal within the first five minutes and sure enough, four minutes into the first period – Greg Rallo proved me right (I could have kissed him. Still willing to too).
Texas Stars vs Grand Rapids Griffins
(…that’s Francis Wathier.   I didn’t have a good photo of Rallo from this game.)
Steve spent the first intermission riding on the Zamboni.
Steve on a Zamboni
You can tell by the look on his face that he hated every moment of it.

Sunday 3/27/11 was Devo in concert!
Devo in concert (Austin)Devo in concert (Austin)Devo in concert (Austin)
Once again, Steve covered this concert thoroughly, so I’m not going to add much other than I finally learned how far I could be pushed before grabbing someone and tossing them back behind me (I don’t know if she sneaked off or if the crowd continued to move her back, but she wasn’t there when I turned back around).  While I did have several strangers come up after the show telling me how awesome that was, I’m still kind of embarrassed about losing my temper.  Other than that, the show was worth the hours of standing outside the venue, out on the terrace, and finally in front of the stage. 

Devo also has the best concert t-shirts – I picked up two of them.
Devo in concert in Austin, TX

Afterwards, we finally had a few days off that were spent catching up on work, chores around the house, another skate night, and getting lots of sleep (I’m getting too old for this). Then it was back to fun times.

Friday 4/1/11 was Texas Stars Hockey!

Texas was up against Chicago, who had recently moved up from a joke to being real competition. The best parts of the evening were the goals scored by two of my favorite defensemen (Fortunus and Larsen each got a goal).

There was also a horrible and then beautifully karmic moment with one of the on-ice officials for the game.

During the score-tying goal by Chicago, Deveaux jabbed Bachman (our goalie) in the face with a stick. After seeing several replays of the incident from different angles, there was no question about whether it was deliberate or not. There was no penalty called for high sticking, so the crowd starting chanting “Ref you suck!” over and over when suddenly the ref was knocked to his feet by a player. My first thought was “Oh shit, we’re gonna get called on it,” until I realized that we didn’t do it.
Stars vs Wolves - Hitting the Ref
Yep, it was Jaime Sifers from Chicago. Heh heh.

Saturday 4/2/11 was a SCOTS concert

I didn’t attend the Southern Culture on the Skids concert at the Continental Club with Steve this year. Normally I make a batch of homemade banana pudding for the go-go dancer to pass around during the song “Banana Puddin”.  Not this year.  With only a day notice, Steve had to throw something together with store-made nasty stuff.

This is the best copy of the song I could locate on YouTube.  There’s no go-go dancer with pudding, but at least you can hear what SCOTS is about (rockabilly surf music!).  I’ll have to make it up to them next year with a special batch for the band after the show.

Sunday 4/3/11 was a Scissor Sisters concert.

I brought a book to read while we waited for the show to start–someone else had a more productive idea.
Waiting for Scissor Sisters
It was a great show, but the combination of pain/nausea and heat forced me to leave the great spot Steve and I had carved out for ourselves. I ended up watching the rest of the show from the sidelines… along with some guys in hot pants (very nice legs).
Scissor Sisters in Austin
I can’t wait to catch them again when they come back to Austin.

There were finally a few more days off from with nothing other than work and chores before it was back to league hockey games, a skate night tonight, and the Wire concert tomorrow.  I really don’t know anything about Wire, so Steve’s going with his music buddy instead.  Me?  I have no idea what I’ll do other than sit with my feet up and snuggle with cats.

“On defense, you have to be thinking.”

It used to be that Maxime Fortunus was my only favorite player for the Texas Stars.

Texas Stars: Maxime Fortunus

While he’s still my favorite, there are two new players that I’ve been paying much more attention to recently.

Philip Larsen–who looks like my brother did at that age… all scrawny, yet surprisingly strong–is a 20 year-old player from Denmark.

Texas Stars: Philip Larsen

I made the mistake of saying that Larsen was “going to be very good one day” in front of my husband who interrupted me to say “He’s ALREADY good!” And he is. What I meant to say is that I’m looking forward to seeing how far he goes.

Dan Spang is another player I’m watching.

Texas Stars: Dan Spang

He’s already has six assists this year, three of which were all from the same game on 11/16/10 against the Chicago Wolves (best game of the season so far with six goals in the second period, and also the first night I really paid attention to Spang).

It was looking up Spang’s stats that made me realize most of my favorite hockey players are defensemen.

That may explain why I was so fascinated with Chris Chelios last year.  That, or it was because Chelios was a great player.  Even after all the Texas Stars fans boo’d him during the games, they wanted to meet him afterwards (the photos below are all from 10/31/09).

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Part of me wishes he hadn’t retired this year.

”It takes brains. It’s not like a forward, where you can get away with scoring and not play defense. On defense, you have to be thinking.” – Chris Chelios

10-17-10 Stars vs Rivermen

Texas falls to Peoria in their first loss of the season, 5-2. Booooo!

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria

10-10-17 first goal
The first goal of the evening!

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
Our second and final goal of the evening.

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
MMMmmmmm…. Maxime Fortunus.

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
First of three fights.

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
The Rivermen scored again, and continued to do so for the rest of the evening.

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
And another fight…

10-10-17 Texas vs Peoria
And we sucked.

There won’t be any photos for the 10/22/10 game with the Lake Erie Monsters as I’m still not quite done being sick. That’s kinda sad, I’m well enough to finally go to work on Friday, but not well enough to go to a hockey game.