Videonystagmography Fun

It’s been over a month since I first went into the after-hours clinic it see what was wrong with me and my lack of balance.  In that time, I’ve seen several doctors, had my blood-work done twice, had a hearing test, and another shot at the Epley maneuver with three days of not being able to recline or lean over afterwards.  It continued to get worse and more tests were scheduled (most likely expensive ones–can’t wait to get those bills).

So I went in this morning for a videonystagmography, where they use infrared googles to monitor eye movements while you do all kinds of stuff.

Here’s all the info you could ever want about videonystagmography – what it is and what it tests.

The first few tests seemed to go fine, not that I could really tell, but when we got to the caloric reflex test – it all went to shit.  It didn’t help that there was a math quiz in the middle of it either.  My appointment with the Doctor to go over the results was rescheduled for tomorrow, so I have plenty of time to worry about what it all means.  I even made the mistake of looking up information on what the videonystagmography test was for after work today and managed to freak myself out even more.  This is why I try to avoid looking up any medical info on the internet before talking to the doctor.

On top of all of this, I applied for a promotion at work and we’re supposed to find out who and how many of us are moving up over the next few days, AND I’m temporarily working on a project with a looming deadline that requires all my brain cells.  Let’s see how much more stress I can take.